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Easi Prepaid

Can I upgrade my Easi 2G to Easi 3G SIM Card and how much does it cost?

Yes, you can upgrade your simcard from Easi 2G to Easi 3G Mobile at $10 admin fee.

What documentation do I need to bring to upgrade my SIM Card from Easi 2G to Easi 3G Mobile?

You need to bring your Identification Card or Passport (validity period must be more than 6 months).

What will happen to my credit balance, bonus credit, credit expiry date, annual license fee once I upgrade my SIM Card to Easi 3G Mobile, Will the profile stays as it is?

Yes, all your existing profile will still maintain as it is.

Can I downgrade from Easi 3G to Easi 2G?

Yes, but there will be an admin fee of $10 for downgrading.

Can I migrate my Easi 2G to Prima 3G Mobile Line?

Yes, you can migrate your Easi 2G to a Prima 3G Mobile.

Once I migrate my Easi 2G to Prima 3G Mobile line, what happens to my remaining credit balance?
  • If your credit is more than $5 – it will be transferred to your Prima 3G Mobile account.
  • If your account is less than $5 – your credit balance will be forfeited.

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